So WAYYYYY back in October we held our annual CMJ showcase at Ella. This is always one of our favorite parties of the year because we get to share and showcase our favorite new acts with you!

As you can imagine we shot a ton of photos (because that’s what we do) and a few hours of video! We’ve slowly filled our cutting room floor with scraps and we’re going to start unleashing some of our footage on you!

We’re soooo excited to share this first clip … because it’s our new theme song! LITERALLY! Outer Space Boston-based SPF 5000 surprised us all with a song they like to call ”Nicky Digital’s Theme Song“!

FUN FACT(S): SPF 5000’s frontwoman Amy Douglas is 1/2 of Peach Melba w/ Juan Maclean—she’s also done vocals for dubstepper Supra1 (on Trouble & Bass), NYC Moombahton duo Sazon Booya, AC Slater‘s “92 Eternal” project, & she’s currently working on projects with Lazaro Casanova, KON & James Nasty!

Stay tuned for more live clips from VHS or BETA, Hussle Club, Decades, Clubfeet, SPF 5000, Jogyo, 33hz, Dominique Keegan, Omri S. Quire and more!

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